Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30, Romans 1

Paul is writing to the church in Rome, he begins with some encouragement and a desire to meet them in person. That they may be a blessing to each other.  Then there are some specific sins and consequences.  If I comment on these I'll be branded as a hater and accused of judging people so please read it for yourself.  Remember that this is God speaking through Paul by the Holy Spirit.  

Today's workout.
Beginner Full body workout; Squat, Bicep curl, row, alternate lunge, push up, Y, triceps press, hamstring curl.  Do 40 intervals.

Experienced, cardio.  Step, grapevine, burpee, windmill, jump-rope, sandbag.
36 intervals.  

Monday, June 29, 2015

It's not about flags, marriage, race or guns.

These seem to be the main topics of discussion today. I must confess that I too fell victim to the nonsense. All of these things are simply symptoms of something much deeper. It's an attack on our nation and it is succeeding. There is more civil unrest today than there has been for some time. Divisions run pretty deep, debates about the Confederate flag, the rainbow flag, what it means to judge, how gun control and new laws can solve all of societies problems. Families are divided and fighting. We've come to put all of our faith in man and his programs, we've forgotten who is actually in charge. I have decided not to engage in debates any longer, I have presented the truth and I'll leave it at that. But the real battle isn't about who can marry who or what a flag means, or the fact that passing a new law will not stop crime, it is on a different level. We have an enemy with a specific plan and that is where we need to focus our attention. I look at the church, the people who profess to be Christians and I see such a variety of emotions. Fighting, anger, threats, all sorts of nonsense and the demons in hell are rolling around laughing.

I want to tell a story. Some years ago I was visiting a friend at his apartment. His daughter was about 7 or 8, she was playing in a courtyard area where there were several boys a bit older. One of them took her hat and they played keep away. She was getting a bit distresses and I called her over. I told her there are two ways to deal with them, sometimes you can ignore the bully and he'll stop, sometimes it takes action. So I told her to pick out just one of them, run up to him and kick him as hard as she could in the shin then come back. She ran up to the boy that had her hat, before she got there he threw it away. But she persisted, I remember the look of surprise on his face when she ran right up to him, and the total surprise when she kicked him to the ground. Now some will say that violence wasn't the answer, what I do know is that those boys never bothered her again. It's time for us to ignore the hat, the flag, the guns, the arguments and marriages.  Stop responding to the pictures and posts, ALL pictures and posts.  If you feel the need to express something just post that you're praying for the country, let's go kick the devil in the shin, then stand next to Jesus. The only way to heal the things that are broken is to fix the disease and not the symptoms. Put on the armor and pick up the sword. Jesus says that all power in heaven and earth are His and that all believers have authority in His name. Take authority and stand against this evil.

June 29, Acts 28.

Usually the focus of this chapter is the trip to Malta and the snake bite, but let's look at Rome. The first people that Paul wants to speak to are the Jews. Some listen and some don't. It's typical of the gospel message, some believe and some just don't. 
I find that quote from Isaiah relevant both then and now. It can be applied to anyone who refuses to accept the truth of God's word. I don't know what it was to motivate people then but by far most people that I know today are primarily motivated by money. Whoever or whatever can promise people more money will receive the most loyalty. 

Today's workouts. 
Beginner, cardio. Step, grapevine, burpee, windmill, jump-rope, sandbag. 
36 intervals. 

Experienced, Back. Step, chin-up, weight swing, row, windmill or hops, T. 
36 intervals. 

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28, Leviticus 24

Looking at oil for the lamps and the bread of presence. We looked at the oil once before, at least how it was made.     Here    Depending on the purity of the oil and the height of the flame it takes 2 to 3 hours to burn one ounce of oil. We have seven lamps for 12 hours, that's 84 light hours divided by 2.5 so we need 33 ounces of oil each night.

The bread of presence was placed on the table every Sabbath, there were 12 loaves for the 12 tribes. The old loaves were removed and given to the priest and his family.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My angry rant on current affairs

I just feel a need to rant today. Been feeling angry for a few reasons. I've spoken to some other people who are also angry, some aren't exactly sure why. I think it's the Holy Spirit in us being angry.
Let's look at a prime issue that has gotten under my skin, the misuse of the scripture from Matthew 7, judge not lest you be judged. Very few people spouting that verse have any idea what Jesus meant. You must read the whole chapter, in fact you must read and understand the whole bible to fully get it.
He says not to set your own level or standards to judge people, God has set the standard. The religious leaders of the day, then and now, many self righteous judged people by their own standards and not according to The Law. The story of a pharisee and tax collector praying is a great example. I think one paramount problem is that most Christians that I know don't know what the bible says about most things. They've read perhaps 20 psalms, all of John, most of The Revelation and some of Acts. They know who Moses is, not entirely sure where Abraham fits in, Daniel was a little boy in a den of lions.
Because so many don't know what The Word says, they've believed a half truth and compromised.
You who think Jesus went around and didn't judge people, have you missed the place where he chased out the merchants with a whip? Or maybe when he called the religious people serpents, a brood of vipers, children of the devil. Jesus never said it was OK to sin, He never said that The Law was ended, He said that in Him it is completed. We still liver under the constraints of The Law, the sacrifice is no longer needed because Jesus was and is the perfect sacrifice. No-one I know will argue that it's not still wrong to murder or steal but for some reason it's no longer wrong to fornicate. Yes we all sin, I certainly do too, but there is a difference in knowing that something is wrong, wanting to change and struggling as opposed to denying that it is wrong and simply living in open disobedience to God.

There have been two recent events that I believe have grieved the Holy Spirit. First is the shooting in
South Carolina. This young man went to that place with a specific purpose. I believe that he was driven by spiritual forces set upon actions to achieve a specific goal. He stated a desire to start a race war. What I find encouraging on one hand and very sad on the other is the aftermath. The members of the church, in true Christian form have expressed forgiveness for the actions. Urging the shooter to seek out God and repent. Our government, and major retailers on the other hand have acted stupidly for lack of a better term. The renewed call for more gun control and the banishment of the Confederate Flag has caused more civil discord than the shooting. Again I believe that this attack and some of the succeeding actions were well planned in advance by evil forces. Although there are no race wars there certainly has been and continues to be civil strife and conflict over free speech. Regardless of what anyone believes, the civil war was primarily about the federal government usurping the authority of individual states. The union won and today how many states really have their own sovereignty?
NONE! The federal government controls everything. No matter what your position n the flag, when you agree that our government can stop it's sale and display then you are giving away a paramount freedom of speech and expression. I was recently in a store and saw a young male idiot, (wont dignify it by calling it a man), wearing a T shirt with a bunch of profanities, including what most people find most offensive f***. It was done for some reason, may to see if anyone would react, I think it stupid but according to the first amendment that is a right. If we allow certain symbols to be determined as offensive and therefore not protected, it will be a very short time before the cross or any other Christian symbol, notice I didn't say religious symbol, will be labeled offensive and prohibited. Today in many workplaces displaying a cross is prohibited, wearing a burqa though is OK.

Here's what's happened to the church because we don't think we should judge, we've become lukewarm, we have no passion or direction. Do you know what Jesus says about a lukewarm church?
Rev 3:16, I will spew you out.

The second issue is the supreme court ruling about what marriage is. They are wrong, but I was not surprised. What is most disturbing is the number of professing Christians that think it's a good thing.
Have you read the whole bible? Do you not know what God says about this? And that some of these people are in positions of leadership and teaching.

The church needs to turn around, this nation that was once great has become a shadow of itself. No foreign power fears us or takes us seriously any more. Changing the elected officials won't fix it.
We need God to move and revive His people. One can look at church history or look at the history of Israel in the book of Judges, when the people realized their errors and turned back to God, He came and restored them. Turn back to God, read your bible, not just the gospels but the whole bible. Make a commitment to spend time with Him every day. Pray, God send Your Holy Spirit that there may be revival and begin within me.

My rant is done, the comment section is open for now but I reserve the right to delete your comments. It is my blog after all.

June 27, Leviticus 23

God's feasts and the Sabbath. A few notes on the Sabbath. It was established as a day of rest because God on the seventh day rested. But does God ever really rest? He is God, all powerful, all everything. God created all things in six days yet He also set in motion that there would be seven days in a week, the Sabbath was made for man, Jesus Himself told us this. Just one day each week to remember from where we came, to whom we belong and to refresh both body and sprint. We've lost that, even the religious among us, we attend church perhaps for an hour or two then off to do whatever we would do on any other day.
The prohibition to work, I believe is aimed at things that make a profit. It is demonstrated that rescuing a neighbor from some trouble is not work.

Adam Clarke makes this comment on keeping the Sabbath," Without this consecrated day religion itself would fail, and the human mind, becoming sensualized, would soon forget its origin and end. Even as a political regulation, it is one of the wisest and most beneficent in its effects of any ever instituted. Those who habitually disregard its moral obligation are, to a man, not only good for nothing, but are wretched in themselves, a curse to society, and often end their lives miserably." As we have ignored the Sabbath, we've moved farther from God to the extent that much of society world wide either doesn't believe in God or follows a false god.

Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26, Acts 27

Paul is shipwrecked on his way to Rome.  I've often marveled at the roundabout way Paul finally got to where he was going, sometimes I wonder if maybe he tried to make things happen on his own and that caused some problems.  I do know what it's like to be metaphorically shipwrecked though.  We're told that the storm was so intense that the crew couldn't see land and didn't eat for 14 days.  Been there too, when you can't see past the darkness which just continues.  Situations always change, unfortunately not always for the better.  Paul was encouraged by an angel of The Lord that everything would be OK.

Today's workout.  A "push" workout is scheduled but I did a heavy Push last night.
Doing cardio today.  Step, grapevine, high knees, windmill, burpee, skater 36 intervals.