Sunday, January 25, 2015

Exodus 22 Basic logical laws

Read Exodus 22

These are some very basic and sensible laws. Looking at the part of a thief and the sun coming up.

I think what is meant here is that if someone has broken in, and it's dark, then one would not know it they are armed or not and would not recognize them. Offensive action is acceptable, but if the thief can be seen and identified, then there is no need to strike, the matter is for the local law.  

No workout today, rest.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Exodus 21 An interesting approach to poverty

Read Exodus 21

The first part of this chapter deals with servitude, some translations will say slavery. But it's not what most people think of as slavery. This was a means that God set in place for His people to not have a government welfare system. Kinsmen would sell themselves, contract with a relative, for up to six years. It was a means to recover from the equivalent of bankruptcy. The relative must provide food and shelter in exchange for labor. And must be released in the seventh year. Of course the world has changed a lot and industries are more varied, but imagine if such a system were in place today. No welfare and no panhandlers.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Matthew 15 Do you wash before you eat?

Read Matthew 15

Regardless of the hygiene habits the whole issue is pretty small. The pharisees couldn't find anything of substance to accuse Jesus of so they resorted to washing hands. Pretty petty but still so common. For both the saved and the pagans we can sometimes become so irritated with someone and be nit-picky.   

Today's workout.  Step, side lunge, high knees, squat, hops, jump rope. 6 moves 36 intervals.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Matthew 14 Are people inherently good or evil?

Read Matthew 14

It's a fairly common argument. Christians and Jews will contend that people are inherently evil but sometimes do good. Humanists will believe the opposite, that people are good and occasionally do bad.

The latter is not so easily supported as the former. As a Christian I know what I am capable of and what I've done in the past. Before Christ I was totally self centered. Now let's look at Herodias and her daughter, two of the most selfish people in history and both totally evil. Either would cut off a head with no remorse.  

Today's workout. whole body resistance. Squat, Bicep curl, row, alternate lunge, push up, Y, triceps press, hamstring curl. 8 moves 40 intervals.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Matthew 13 Sowing weeds

Read Matthew 13

I used to think of the weeds and wheat to be the saved and the pagans but I recently had another thought.

What if the sleeping men were pastors and teachers and the weeds that were planted were lies or half truths of the gospel? Seems like a lot of weeds have been planted in the recent past. We're all probably thinking right now about some preacher that's sowing weeds, it's actually not our place to uproot them. Jesus said to let the weeds grow along with the wheat, He'll take care of it. It's our job to stay in The Word and plant good seed.

Today's workout; Step, grapevine, burpee, windmill, jump rope, sand bag swing.  6 moves 36 intervals.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Exodus 20 The Ten commandments

Read Exodus 20

When I think of this I get the vision of Charlton Heston in Cecil B DeMille's film but that's not accurate.

According to what I read, Moses was still at the bottom of the mountain. Beginning at verse 18 the people address Moses right after God has stopped speaking. So I think there is evidence that when God gave the commandments everyone heard Him. Estimates place the number between 2 and 3 million people. Imagine the space they occupy and how the sound may carry. Was it a booming thunderous voice or perhaps everyone heard God as if He were standing close by. Either is possible but I think it important that God wanted to give His law to everyone. It wasn't some secret law that Moses came up with but God Himself spoke. It's not reserved for priests of prophets but for everyone. Also of note is the conviction and fear in the people from hearing God. That's what The Word should do to unrepentant sinners.

No workout today, rest and spend time with God.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Exodus 19 God's first 'If then' to Israel

Read Exodus 19

The people of Israel have been three months and now they come to God. Although they have seen the wonders of God performed, they haven't heard God. When I read this text I get the impression that as God spoke with Moses on the mountain the people could hear also. That has to have an impact. Evidence indicates that the majority of the Israelites worshiped the Egyptian idols while in Egypt, an idol never spoke to them though. God says that all they have to do is be obedient to Him and they will be His treasured people. Why is that so hard to do?

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