Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September 20, Genesis 37 A series of unfortunate events

I remember the movie from some years ago, fairly strange as I recall. So much of life can be caused by series of small events, change any one and the outcome is vastly different. Here we have different people or groups doing things that lead to Joseph being sold into slavery. It begins with Israel treating Joseph better than his other sons. Joseph himself doesn't help matters with his dreams. Perhaps prudence here would have been to keep these things to himself. He already knew that his brothers didn't like him, so why pour fuel on the fire? And there is no way to justify what his brothers did to him. When you look at each part, you see that every player was driven by desires for self. That's usually what gets us in trouble.

Today's workout Cardio intervals
Step, climber, windmill, squat, step over, high knees

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September 19, Genesis 36 The family of Esau

Lots of names and most are difficult to pronounce, but they are here for a reason. It is important to trace the history of people to see where they remain faithful and where they stray. While this section just gives us the names, when it is combined with more information some things come to light. We can see that Israel and Esau lived peacefully together until their holdings became too much for the land of Canaan to support both families. It also appears that Esau showed grace in giving the choice land to Israel. Esau and his sons inter married with the people in the hill country and eventually dominated the land. At least one person of significance is mentioned, in verse 12 it's Amalak, the father of the Amalakites. The Amalakites become bitter enemies to Israel and in Deuteronomy God tells Israel to wipe them out. There is so much of Israel's history that is a direct result of mixing their family with the pagans in the area.

Today's workout any cardio 30:00

Monday, September 18, 2017

September 18, Genesis 35:16-29 Rachael dies, Benjamin is born, Reuben challenges his father

Three items of significance to look at here. Rachael calls her son Ben-oni which means child of affliction, probably because of her hard labor. But Jacob called him Benjamin, child or son of my right had, or most beloved son. And so it was, for the rest of Jacob's life he showed more love to Joseph and Benjamin because they were children of Rachael but even more to Benjamin. Reuben slept with his father's concubine, for a son to do this was a challenge of family authority.  And I think it also significant that this was Bilnah who was Rachael's maid. Interesting that there is nothing more written here, but later Israel will pronounce a judgment on his son.

Today's workout, full body intervals.
Squat. Push up,. Biceps curl,. T, minion walk,. Row

Sunday, September 17, 2017

September 17, Genesis 35:1-15 Jacob, it's time to move again

Assuming that the time line follows from the last chapter, it would not be a good idea for Jacob and his family to stay in that area. His sons just deceived a town and slaughtered all of the men there. Of note is that there is idolatry i the camp, probably from the servants but it could also be the idols that Rachael stole from her father. Fighting against idolatry and superstition is a constant battle, even in Christian environments there are a lot of rituals and superstitions. If we're not careful our worship can become simply rituals with no real substance.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 16, Genesis 34 Rape and vengeance, and no it's not right

It seems to me that Jacob has become a bit of a pacifist, his own daughter is raped and he takes no action. I wonder if it's because she was Leah's daughter, perhaps it would be different if it were Rachael's. In some cultures rape is a capital offense, warranting the death penalty. I have some mixed feelings here but tend to lean that way. It's a brutal crime. Jacob should have been angry and demanded something be done for the defiling of his daughter. There is also a secondary issue at play here, the pagans of the land want to inter marry with Israel. While the law on this was not yet given, the command of circumcision was. What Simeon and Levi said was partly true, in order for the men of that area to be part of Israel they needed to be circumcised, but it was intended as deceit, these men learned much from their father. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

September 15, Genesis 33 Jacob's character has changed

It's a bit subtle but there is a definite change in Jacob. Where before he was focused on self, now he's more focused on someone else. He's divided his people in small groups and those who he values or cherishes the most are at the end, best protected. But then he goes in front himself. It's the first time that we see Jacob risk himself for someone else. It's what happens when a man, or woman, has a real encounter with God, there will be a change. It's unfortunate that we don't know anything about Esau's life while Jacob was gone but I think something changed in him too. 

Today's workout, Full body intervals. 
Squat, biceps curl, shoulder press, row, push up, bench dip or triceps, T

Thursday, September 14, 2017

September 14, Genesis 32:22-32 The day of reckoning has come

I don't think it happens in a grand manner in everyone's life, but at some point we come face to face with God and we can wrestle or submit. God came to Jacob when he was trying to manipulate and scheme before confronting his brother. Jacob believed God but still wanted to do it all himself and that's really the bottom line. It's a common fault in humanity, this desire for independence and rebellion against authority. God had to bring Jacob to a point where he could no longer fix his own problems. I feel a certain sorrow for the people that never reach that point, always able to do it all themselves, they will never turn to or know God. 

Today's workout, high energy challenge. Do this three or four times through
Set a timer for six intervals of 5 seconds and 30 seconds. Do aerobic steps then jump rope. This will take 3:30 then do 10 reps each, push-up, squat, row, side lunge.  Each circuit should be about six minutes.