Sunday, December 21, 2014

Exodus 12 What will it take to humble a man?

Read Exodus 12

This chapter deals with the Passover, with Israel finally leaving and with the final plague being death all across Egypt. That's what it took to finally humble Pharaoh. We're told that not a single house in Egypt was without death. This plague touched everyone except Israel. So many leaders today need to be humbled before God but at what cost? 

Step, dumb bell hammer curl, grapevines, wrist roll, jump rope, bench dip, step, e-z bar curl, slam ball, triceps press. 10 moves 40 intervals

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Exodus 11 Gathering silver and gold

Read Exodus 11

God told the people to ask of the Egyptians for silver and gold jewelry, and they gladly gave it to them.

We have an advantage today of knowing what the silver and gold are to be used for but they didn't then. Some people look at this as the back wages being paid, I suppose one could make that consideration. In the wilderness two things will happen, they will have opportunity to make an idol, and they will need the precious metals to make the tabernacle accessories. When we get to the chapters concerning the tabernacle we'll look more closely at how much but suffice it to say there were tons of silver and gold.  

Friday, December 19, 2014

1 Sam_25 If you expect to be paid then it's not a gift

Read 1 Samuel 25

We don't have all of the history but we can discern that David and his men kept the shepherds and flocks of Nabal safe for some time. Now David asks for the favor to be repaid. When David gets angry one must ask, what was the motive in the beginning? Did David expect at some time to be compensated? Was there an agreement made? Nabal is wrong in that he should return the hospitality, David is wrong as one can not expect payment for a gift. Only Abigail by keeping a cool head and using wisdom stops a major tragedy. 
This same concept applies to our gifts to God.  Do you give to God from a sense of duty?  Do you give expecting a return?  There are so many preachers using greed and guilt get people to give.  A gift or an offering must be simply that, a gift with no strings attached, as soon as we expect a return it is no longer a gift.

Today's workout.  Step, crunch, grapevine, jump rope windmill, skater 36 intervals

Thursday, December 18, 2014

1 Sam_24 Wisdom of a godly man

Read 1 Samuel 24

David has both opportunity and right to take Saul's life. Many believe that was his original intent but before striking Saul was convicted by God's spirit and cut only the robe. Had David killed Saul what would we say of his character? Had this been most other men, whose hearts are not turned to God, then Saul would have died and who knows what our history would show. It was this spirit that anointed David to be the renowned king and father of our savior.

Today's workout.  Step up, squat, grapevine, lunge r, jump rope, lunge l, slam ball, hamstring curl 8 moves 40 intervals

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1 Sam_23 Trust no-one

Read 1 Samuel 23

When I was in the Air Force I worked intelligence and we had a spoofed seal of the US with the phrase

"In God we trust, all others we monitor". Humorous because it's basically true, except the trusting in God part. As a nation we haven't trusted God for over 40 years. David learns that you need to be careful with who you trust. Even after being the salvation of a city they would betray him to Saul. That lesson carries on today, one must be very careful with who you trust and with what. We were told that a secret is no longer secret if two people know it. People that we may think are our friends may turn on us, and counter point to that, we each have the potential to turn also. We are most fortunate if we have one or two true friends that will not turn.

Today's workout. Weight swing, chop left, burpee, chop right, jump rope, skater.  6 moves, 36 intervals.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

1 Sam_22 A special kind of evil

Read 1 Samuel 22

The second part of this chapter is very disturbing. Saul was a Jew, Doeg, an Edomite was a descendant of Esau. That relationship is somewhat questionable. That Doeg would be willing to execute a group of priests is somewhat understandable but certainly not for a Jew. That the king would ask for it and for his servant to comply is simply cruel. Different translations or bible versions have different numbers but Jewish histories indicate the whole population of Nob, being around 300 people, most likely the priest's families, plus 85 priests.

Today's wlorkout. step, box hop, windmill, side lunge, jacks, crunch.  6 moves 30 intervals.

Monday, December 15, 2014

1 Sam_21 What was the Showbread?

Read 1 Samuel 21

For an understanding one must go back to Leviticus 24. God gave commandment that twelve loaves of bread were to be placed on a special table in the holy place on each Sabbath. When the bread was exchanged, the older loaves were for the priests and their families. It was considered a holy offering to God. What the bread in this case symbolizes has been debated for centuries, I think it safe to say the number twelve being the tribes of Israel. Aside from that, I think it might mean that there is always food in the presence of God, albeit sometimes it is spiritual and not physical. As this was considered a holy food, those eating it needed to be pure, having abstained from sex.

So there are a couple of aspects here, the bread was holy, to be consumed by the priest, but in this case, as David and his men may have been without food for some time, it is proper and lawful for the priest to give the bread to the men. We are not told how many men were there or how many loaves but an idea on how large the loaves were can be found in the recipe. Each loaf had about .9 gallon of flour, the actual shape was dictated by the baking form which no-one today knows what that looked like. If one were to simply grind flour and make a loaf from the instructions in Torah, it could make a slab about 15 inches square and 1 inch thick. Imagine a large square deep dish pizza dough.

Today's workout.  Grapevine, pull up, burpee, row, jump rope, T. 6 moves 36 intervals