Monday, October 6, 2014

Amos 6 Warnings to the wealthy without compassion

Read Amos 6

The fact that Jerusalem will fall is foregone, but in the meantime there are people barely surviving and others lounging and feasting in opulence. That situation certainly hasn't changed. Not saying that there is anything wrong with having wealth, it can be used as a tool, could be a blessing or curse. But what they lacked was compassion on their family. The people of Judah and Israel are essentially one family.
In the law from God through Moses, He told them to take care of each other, here is a judgment for not doing so.

Today's workout, full body Grapevines, pull up, burpees, bicep curl, jump rope, row, step up, hamstring curl, T 4 times through for 36 intervals.

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