Thursday, October 23, 2014

Micah 5 The birthplace of messiah.

Read Micah 5

There are several very significant items in this chapter. It gives the birthplace for messiah, (verse 2)
that His people will reject Him (verse 3), that He will shepherd His church, (verse 4), that the Jews will be scattered through the whole world, (verse 7), and that they will be restored (verse 9).

The gift of messiah, Jesus, comes to us through the covenant with Abraham and the Jewish people.

That covenant first gave us the Law. It shows us where we fail and a promise to come. We who are Christians accept that promise to be Christ. God scattered His people through the whole world to have influence in His name. This happened several times in history, when Israel was a major power others would go to them and hear of God. When Israel was idolatrous they were conquered and taken captive but always there was a remnant of God's faithful to proclaim, in whatever place they were, the Law and promises of God. Still today, after 4000 years, the Jewish people remember the covenant between God and Abraham. And they still proclaim the law and promises of God through the world.

Today's workout.  weight swing, box hop, crunch, skater, body saw, climber

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