Tuesday, November 18, 2014

1 Sam_2 Parents are responsible for their children

Read 1 Samuel 2

Eli's sons were doing pretty much anything that they wanted and disobeying all of God's laws. While the scriptures teach us fairly plainly that we are each responsible for our actions, there is also a responsibility by parents to properly teach, and discipline. We are not told how old the sons were or for how long they were doing what they were but we can assume they were adults. We're also not told how they grew up. Though Eli tries to rebuke his sons, apparently he was too late, somewhere else along the line Eli should have taken action and God is holding him accountable. There is a significant difference between this and the story of the prodigal. In that story the son leaves home and is not supported by his father. In this case Eli is enabling bad behavior.

Today's workout.  windmills, skaters, knee tucks, jump rope, side lunge, slam ball 36 intervals.

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