Friday, November 21, 2014

1 Sam_5 Yes God gave them hemorrhoids

Read 1 Samuel 5

The Philistines take the Arc and place it next to their idol Dagon. The question which I have and is not answered is how did they move it? God kills people who touch the arc and aren't supposed to. in any case, each morning we see the idol bowing down to God as represented by the Arc. In verse 6, depending on your translation it may read that God gave them tumors, boils, emerods. I had an old study bible at one time that I'd gotten from a thrift store which had notes written in several places. This was one of those places so I did some research. According to the commentator Adam Clarke, (1760-1832) the word used here was 'apholim', which means 'bleeding piles'. Which when you think about it, it makes sense and shows that God has a sense of humor. For someone with uncomfortable hemorrhoids, the only position they can find any comfort would be lying face down. Although God allowed the Philistines to capture the Arc, he prostrates them for their idolatry. They may have defeated the people of Israel but no-one can defeat the God of Israel.

Today's workout.  Skater, push up, jump rope, I, step, hug, squat, shoulder press, slam ball 36 intervals.

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