Monday, November 24, 2014

1 Sam_6 One cannot blatantly disobey God

Read 1 Samuel 6

The philistines return the Arc but still we don't know how they handled it. The Arc was made with rings on two sides where poles were placed and it was to be carried by Levites using the poles. It is possible that the poles were still in place. And I suppose it also possible that God granted some grace if they did not know better. The reason that the Philistines handled the Arc and lived is a decision above my pay grade.

There is this concept throughout the scriptures that if you don't know something then you will not be accountable. But in this chapter we see that the Jews in Beth-shemesh must have known something, as we are told the Arc was removed and set up by Levites. But then the curious wanted to look inside and God struck them blind. That was a very specific command not to do such, and as there were Levites present they should have known.  

Today's workout. Grapevines, pull up, burpees, bicep curl, jump rope, row, step up, hamstring curl, T.  40 intervals.

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