Tuesday, November 25, 2014

1 Sam_7 Put away your gods and return to the Lord

Read 1 Samuel 7

People all around the world will worship something. It's built within us to seek after God, but it gets bent. When an man (woman) seeks after the true God then there needs to be a confession of sins, and we don't like that. So man makes up his own gods to worship that don't care about sin. The problem with this is these aren't gods at all and the sins of the people will multiply until society has decayed. Samuel chastens the people, if you really want to return to God, if you want the blessings that go with being God's people, then put aside the false gods that you worship. That same sentiment exists today, if you want to return to God, put aside the idols that you worship and go to Him.

Today's workout, 36 intervals. windmills, skaters, knee tucks, jump rope, side lunge, slam ball.

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