Wednesday, November 26, 2014

1 Sam_8 We want a king because everyone else has one.

Read 1 Samuel 8

I can understand wanting a certain feeling of security. Knowing that there is a standing army ready to protect my country. But the people of Israel were different. They were nomadic people and predominately shepherds. God told them early on that He would be all the army that they need. The stories in Genesis, Exodus and Judges show how God has power over the mightiest army. It's hard to trust and believe in an army that one cannot see. Samuel is specific as to what a king would do, take more than he gives. That concept certainly hasn't changed. Governments, no matter how good they are or how pure their motives can not return more than is invested. But God can. Israel had already drifted away from God and they were placing faith in a king. Where is your faith, in the God who made everything or the politician who promises everything?

Today's workout.  Step up, squat, grapevine, Y, lunge r, triceps press, lunge l, hamstring curl, jump rope.  36 intervals.

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