Sunday, November 16, 2014

Exodus 2 God is always in control

Read Exodus 2.

Although Pharaoh makes a decree to kill all of the male children, God will call one of these who should be dead to be His servant. Here is a right time and place occurrence that I wonder about. Moses' mother happens to place him in a floating basket at just the right time for Pharaoh's daughter to find him. Pharaoh's daughter just happened to be in the mood to take in a baby. And of course Moses' sister just happened to watch the whole thing.

Moses becomes a pivotal person both in the Jewish history and in the Christian history. Not only will Moses be the leader of God's people, but he will be educated in Pharaoh's house, the same Pharaoh that ordered him killed. God has a sense of humor.

Today's workout.  Step up, crunch, jump rope, windmill, slam ball, body saw. 36 intervals.

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