Sunday, November 23, 2014

Exodus 4 Obedient to the covenant

Read Exodus 4

Most of this chapter reads straight forward, a little more arguing and specific instruction on signs and wonders. But toward the end there is a strange discourse. Moses is suppose to tell Pharaoh that God will kill his first son, and then we're told that God met Moses along the way and almost killed his son.
Although the translations could have us believing it may have been Moses. So Zipporah took a sharp rock and circumcised her son. This was in obedience to the covenant God set with Abraham back in Genesis 17. Abraham was 99 when he was circumcised, Moses son would be between 35 and 40.
The thought of a 35 year old man being circumcised with a sharp rock by his mother is a bit strange.

But it was necessary, there are so many places in the scriptures where we see obedience is more important than anything else. I suppose that circumcision could be considered somewhat like baptism, an outward of sign of an inward grace.

Today's workout Step up, crunch, jump rope, windmill, slam ball, body saw. 36 intervals.

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