Sunday, November 2, 2014

Genesis 49 Jacob/Israel blesses his sons

Read Genesis 49

Some of these blessings could be considered a curse. I am just going to look at three.
Ruben was the first born and entitled to a double portion, we saw earlier how Jacob manipulated that to Joseph. But Ruben loses out because he slept with one of Jacob's wives/concubines, (Gen 35).
This practice wasn't that odd, it was a power grab, used to establish a family hierarchy. Ruben essentially challenged Jacob's position to lead the family.

Judah is blessed and prophesied to bring messiah. That he should rule and that the scepter should always be Judah's. I like the symbolism of washing garments in wine, we look at that as a type of blood of Christ and we are indeed washed in that. The wine will stain the garments of that day, giving them color but the blood of Christ bleaches ours cleaner than snow.

The third could be considered a double, it deals with Simeon and Levi. Jacob prophecies that they will be scattered through Israel because of what they did. Back in chapter 34, because a Canaanite raped Dinah their sister, these brothers contrived a plan and slaughtered an entire town. For that sin they will have no specific inheritance and Levi will eventually fill the role as priests. When you consider what that entailed it's not such a glamorous position. Both tribes were indeed scattered although Simeon more confined to Judah in the southern kingdom.

Today's workout.  Step up, crunch, jump rope, windmill, slam ball, body saw. 36 intervals.

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