Monday, November 3, 2014

Habakkuk 2 The righteous shall live by his faith

Read Habakkuk 2

The prophet sees himself as a watchman. Looking for the enemies of his people and waiting upon God.

The answer comes as a prophecy that's near being fulfilled and God, through the prophet, declares who will live. The unrighteous live by their own strengths, declaring personal gains to be of their own making. The righteous live by faith in God, trusting in Him and living by His laws. So many times it seems the unrighteous have so much better stuff but life is not just limited to now. The final judge is and always will be God, life eternal is reserved for those who trust in Him.

Today's workout. Grapevines, pull up, burpees, bicep curl, jump rope, row, step up, hamstring curl, T.   36 intervals.

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