Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Haggai 1 Build the house of God,..that I may have pleasure in it.

Read Haggai 1

Currently in the US our economy sucks, unemployment is high, we've had droughts on the west, floods all across the mideast and east and really strange weather patterns all over. Social issues of race, drugs, and violence are rampant and our government wants nothing to do with God. Political and social leaders actually embrace the idea of legalizing drugs for various reasons. God says it's time to gather wood and rebuild His house. We know that God's house is no longer a building but a people. How do we gather wood and rebuild a people? Take a firm biblical stand on ALL of these social issues. Tell at least one person each week that a life without God leads to eternal death, but that God has made a way for life.

Today's workout.  Windmills, skaters, knee tucks, jump rope, side lunge, slam ball 36 intervals.

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