Monday, November 10, 2014

Haggai, a prelude

Haggai is two chapters but I think there is stuff here that warrants a deeper look..

Haggai sets a specific date, the second year of Darius. This makes it 520 BC, about 16 years before this Cyrus had given permission through Ezra and Nehemiah, to begin rebuilding the temple and city of Jerusalem. This establishes the 70 years as prophesied by Jeremiah. By referencing 2 Kings, Jeremiah, Chronicles, Daniel and the Babylonian chronicles we can establish that Judah was originally taken in 606 BC. The most intriguing items here are the prophecies coming together. Isaiah prophesied Cyrus by name nearly 150 years before he was born, Jeremiah declared 70 years of captivity. Both come together in the same event that is well documented both biblically and secularly. There are few places where God places times and dates to His promises but always keeps them. He will also keep the promises that do not have a time and date.

Today's workout.  Grapevines, pull up, burpees, bicep curl, jump rope, row, step up, hamstring curl, T 36 intervals.

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