Monday, November 17, 2014

Samuel the last judge and great prophet

I think I've had enough of depressing prophecies for awhile, time for a change of pace.
We've actually looked at a lot of the books but not Samuel so that's where we're going.
There are 31 week days left in the year and 31 chapters in 1 Samuel so this seems to work out quite well

Samuel is considered a prophet and the last judge, he accomplished a lot in is life but most people only remember him for anointing David to be king.

Read 1 Samuel 1.

Samuel is born to godly parents, his father kept the duty of attending worship yearly at Shiloh, his mother humbled herself in prayer. She kept her promise to God and gave her first son to Him. We have no exact age for Samuel but it is safe to believe older than five and younger than twelve. Interesting that that's the same age where we begin schooling our children today. Those are the years where a child is most influenced. Samuel was exposed to some very conflicting influences, and perhaps it's because of this that he turned out as he did. On one hand he has Eli, as far as we can tell an obedient priest but poor father. And Eli's sons, Hophni and Phinehas, both priests but evil and corrupt. Even in this environment God is able to mold Samuel into the proper character.

Today's workout.  Grapevines, pull up, burpees, bicep curl, jump rope, row, step up, hamstring curl, T  36 intervals.

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