Friday, November 7, 2014

Zephaniah 3 Only God can truly change people

Read Zephaniah 3

There is in the world a multi-million dollar industry of 'self-help'. The problem with this is that we can't help ourselves. Most of the people that buy into this end up buying a lot and in most cases don't change. There are exceptions. But real change comes from God. The beginning of the chapter describes proud pig-headed people, with no regard for God. Why would a self made, self righteous man want to change? Try to convince a proud arrogant person that they need to change. Might as well talk to a wall. Real change comes when people recognize the need and accept that it can't come from themselves.   

Today's workout Skater, push up, jump rope, I, step, hug, squat, shoulder press, slam ball
36 intervals.

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