Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1 Sam_18 Strange price of a bride.

Read 1 Samuel 18

Here again is court intrigue to rival any so called reality TV show. Saul is jealous of David and really wants to be rid of him. Saul's daughter appears to be a problem child and infatuated with David. Could be because of his reputation or because it irritates her father.  So Saul develops this scheme where David is to bring 100 foreskins back for Michal.  The odds are against him, should he lose then Saul is rid of David, should he win then Saul is rid of Michal.  Michal will later learn that desiring and having are not the same and that no-one lives up to their reputation.

Today's workout.  weight swing, box hop, crunch, skater, body saw, climber.  36 intervals.

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