Friday, December 19, 2014

1 Sam_25 If you expect to be paid then it's not a gift

Read 1 Samuel 25

We don't have all of the history but we can discern that David and his men kept the shepherds and flocks of Nabal safe for some time. Now David asks for the favor to be repaid. When David gets angry one must ask, what was the motive in the beginning? Did David expect at some time to be compensated? Was there an agreement made? Nabal is wrong in that he should return the hospitality, David is wrong as one can not expect payment for a gift. Only Abigail by keeping a cool head and using wisdom stops a major tragedy. 
This same concept applies to our gifts to God.  Do you give to God from a sense of duty?  Do you give expecting a return?  There are so many preachers using greed and guilt get people to give.  A gift or an offering must be simply that, a gift with no strings attached, as soon as we expect a return it is no longer a gift.

Today's workout.  Step, crunch, grapevine, jump rope windmill, skater 36 intervals

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