Wednesday, December 24, 2014

1 Sam_28 An OH SHIT moment.

Read 1 Samuel 28

There are several places in the bible when we see someone doing something wrong and they get caught and that's what I call an oh shit moment. We've all been there and we've all said it, even you self righteous that are getting offended by the language. God told us not to go to witches and fortune tellers because the spirits they work through are demons. Saul never should have gone to the witch. There is more than one moment here, for the witch who probably expected a familiar demon to come and impersonate Samuel, when Samuel comes she was surprised and probably terrified. And for Saul specifically in the pronouncement of his kingdom being taken away. I could write for a week or more on this one chapter but today's thought is this, we're all sinners and we'll all do stupid things and get caught. It's what we do after that will make a difference, in the history of Saul we never see him go to God, only to Samuel the prophet. Contrast that with David who, when he screws up goes straight to God. Go to God, He already knows what you've done and there is no other person through whom you can find redemption.

Today's workout.  Weight swing, chop left, burpee, chop right, jump rope, skater.  6 moves, 36 intervals.

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