Sunday, December 14, 2014

Exodus 10 A different lunch menu

Read Exodus 10

This plague of locusts could be considered against four different gods. Nepri for grain, Ermutet for crops, Isis for fertility, and Thermuthis for the harvest. None of these gods helped the Egyptians. I wonder what they thought as they prayed and did their rituals and still watched God humble Pharaoh.

Something that just struck me today is that even though God destroyed the crops and livestock he still provided them food, they can eat locusts. Perhaps not the preferred meal but God still provided.

And the darkness has always fascinated me, it as a darkness that they could actually feel but it was restricted to Egypt only. I picture an actual wall of utter black darkness that begins at Goshen and covers the rest of the land. How could someone see something like this and later doubt the sovereignty of God?

Today's workout. Step, dumb bell hammer curl, grapevines, wrist roll, jump rope, bench dip, step, e-z bar curl, slam ball, triceps press. 10 moves 40 intervals.

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