Sunday, December 28, 2014

Exodus 14 Like Prego spaghetti sauce, "It's in there"

Read Exodus 14

I love the imagery of this chapter, so much of the gospel is seen here. Israel is fleeing from Egypt and their former bondage, but they really have no-place to go. Soon they are stranded between two large rocks and a sea, it is impossible to run from bondage on our own. That's still us, we're in bondage to sin (or at least we begin that way), we can try to run and make our own way but eventually we'll be stuck and bound again. The only choice of salvation is to turn to God and have faith that He can deliver. But some still want to go back, they don't think the bondage is that bad. By faith Moses raises his hands and God parts the sea, the people flee through a dry water baptism by trusting God. The ground for Israel is dry, no mud sticks to their feet. Through Jesus our sins are washed away, no stains remain. But for Egypt the mud like sins clog up the chariot wheels and they are dragged down to death.  

Today's workout.  Step, dumb bell hammer curl, grapevines, wrist roll, jump rope, bench dip, step, e-z bar curl, slam ball, triceps press. 10 moves 40 intervals.

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