Sunday, December 7, 2014

Exodus 8 You just can't have too many frogs

Read Exodus 8

The second plague, frogs. The frog represented Egypt's fertility goddess, Hequet. Can you imagine frogs everywhere? In your bed, car, all over the house, yard, everywhere you look. Several times each year we get heavy rains and the ditches around my house fill with water, if it lasts more than a month the frogs will spawn. I have come to find the chorus of frogs humorous, partly because every time it happens I think of this chapter. Having perhaps a hundred croaking frogs in the ditches may be annoying but at least I don't have several hundred in my house. Oh and just to make sure there were enough frogs to go around, the magicians made even more come.

Today's workout.  Step, dumb bell hammer curl, grapevines, wrist roll, jump rope, bench dip, step, e-z bar curl, slam ball, triceps press. 10 moves 40 intervals.

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