Saturday, January 10, 2015

Exodus 17 Where did Israel learn to fight?

Read Exodus 17

Another item that just crossed my mind. The people of Israel were slaves to the Egyptians for at least three generations, (130 years). I seriously doubt the Egyptians would allow them to have swords. So now they fight Amalek, an experienced army, I understand how they could have weapons, spoils they took from Egypt, but the fact that they can actually fight and win a battle is testimony to God.

Today's workout.  Boot camp at Centerpointe.

I was asked today about the number (130) in the above as it's written in Genesis 15 that Abraham's children would be sojourners and slaves for 400 years.  There are some differing opinions on the number of years actually in slavery, I cite this as one reference.

From the promise God made to Abraham to the Exodus there was 430 years, (Gal 3:16-17).
Moses was 80 at the time of the Exodus, Joseph died about 64 years before Moses was born. (Genesis 50,Exodus 7)  If the people of Israel were immediately enslaved this gives us 144 years.  The above number (130) is an estimate.  

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