Thursday, January 29, 2015

Matthew 19 Where does it all come from?

Read Matthew 19

Looking at the last part here, the 'self-made' man who claims to have kept all of the law. We all know that can't be possible, he could keep the requirements of the Law by bringing sacrifices for his sins but that's all.

The question comes in where he puts his trust. He's trusting in himself for his salvation and provisions. It's not so much the money but the fact that he believes he made it himself. And that he puts his trust in that money. To come to God we all must realize that everything comes from Him, I have nothing without God.

Today's workout, whole body resistance. Squat, Bicep curl, row, alternate lunge, push up, Y, triceps press, hamstring curl. 8 moves 40 intervals.

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