Friday, January 30, 2015

Matthew 20 It's not about the money

Read Matthew 20

The parable about the laborers has different aspects. On the surface is the fact that the land owner contracted with each laborer to pay them a specific amount. That amount is all that they are entitled to.
And that concept certainly hasn't changed, if we agree to a specific pay for our labor, we have no right to complain if someone else is paid differently. But the parable is about something more, it's about coming to salvation. There isn't a monetary value we can place there, and salvation is the same for everyone. For the person who does evil for their whole life and on the last day they are convicted of sin and repent. And for the person who comes to Christ at 12 and lives for the next 70 years serving God, salvation is the same.

The greed in us would begrudge someone for a few extra dollars but will your spirit not rejoice that someone who was lost and evil has at the last found salvation?

Today's workout.  Step, sand bag, windmill, climbers, grapevine, high knees. 6 moves 36 intervals.

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