Monday, January 5, 2015

Matthew 3 What was John's baptism?

Read Matthew 3

We're told that John baptized to repentance, but that term and the term baptism may not have meant what we think it means. We tend to look at ideas with a Christian slant, especially baptism, but for first century Jews it had a different meaning. Although we're not specifically told, it was most likely a ritual washing before going to the temple. There are several references to washing oneself, ones sacrifice, garments and what not before going to God. And it was constant, there was always a reason to need cleaning, God gave us a great example that under the law we would struggle for ever to be clean. The baptism of repentance that John preached was a recognition that we need to be washed to come before God. Through the work Christ we are cleansed for ever.

Today's workout. Step, grapevine, burpee, windmill, jump-rope, sand bag. 6 moves 36 intervals.

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