Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Matthew 4 What would corrupt you?

Read Matthew 4

Just recently I had a discussion with some friends on how politicians so easily become corrupted. There are very few political leaders that display any godly attributes. Is it the power? The money? the position? What is it that corrupts people? We all have a price, I include myself, I don't know what that price is but I accept that it's there someplace. Satan took Jesus and showed him every possible thing that would entice us to say OK. Never forget that Jesus was God but He was also man, He had to have the potential to sin in order to save us. Satan could not find His price, all of the things that this world had to offer could not compare to the love that He has to offer. He knew what the choice meant, a life lived in luxury and comfort or a hard life and the cross. Because He loves me, and He loves you, He chose the cross. We are more valuable than all that the world has to offer.

Today's workout. Whole body resistance. Squat, Bicep curl, row, alternate lunge, push up, Y, triceps press, hamstring curl. 8 moves 40 intervals.

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