Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Matthew 5 It's not what we do but what we desire.

Read Matthew 5

This chapter should be the outline for everyone's life, even for those who do not believe in Jesus, if they were to live according to these ideas our world would be better. At verse 27 He speaks about lust, specifically sexual as that is one of the most powerful emotions. He tells us that even if we don't actually go through with the action, we're still guilty. We may look at any number of things and desire them in our hearts but something constrains us, perhaps the Holy Spirit, perhaps some other influence. Still it's the desire and not the actions. At the same time there is a counterpoint to this, we can look upon injustices, places where we can see what should be done to help and again by some constraint are unable to. Just as the lust to sin makes us guilty, that desire in our heart for righteousness is also counted as done. Perhaps there is someplace where you've seen a problem and wanted to help but couldn't. I know people that carry guilt for not taking action when it wasn't possible for them to take any action. Is the desire of your heart to do good? Then God knows this already and just as the lust for sin makes you guilty the desire for good is counted as righteous.

Today's workout, cardio.  Step, side lunge, high knees, squat, hops, climbers.  6 moves 36 intervals.

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