Saturday, February 7, 2015

Exodus 25 The gold God provided

Read Exodus 25

God is calling for an offering in order to build the tabernacle and all of it's accessories. Remember back when Israel left Egypt, the Egyptians were giving them gold and silver to leave town. Israel has no need for these things now. God is providing for them daily, they have no need to buy and sell.  This seems to be one of the most difficult ideas for us to grasp. Everything we do requires money, we tend to look at that as our source and we put dollar values on our problems. The truth is that we don't need money to solve our problems, we just need God. Sometimes that's hard to remember

We can see how God provided for the need before Israel knew it existed.  

Today's workout, boot camp at Centerpoint.  Body weight exercises, three sets each;
squat, push-up, lunge, bridge, planks, bench dips, calf raises.  
Finish with 18 intervals of 10-20 Squat, push-up, bridge, plank, lunge, dip.

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