Sunday, February 8, 2015

Exodus 27 Making stuff for the tabernacle

Read Exodus 27

The tabernacle is actually one large picture of God's plan for salvation, it's difficult to look at each item separately. But what caught me today is the end of this chapter says to bring olive oil for the continuing lamp. Have you ever considered how people get olive oil? Modern processes are fairly efficient but back when Moses and the children were walking across the desert it wasn't so. The earliest way was to take a bunch of olives on a flat rock and thoroughly crush them with another rock. This gives a paste, then you add a bit of water to the paste and squish it again. Finally, when all you have is a lose runny mix, it is placed in jars to settle. The oil will separate to the top and be skimmed off. As a reference, a Home Depot bucket about half full of olives will yield between 20-30 ounces of oil today. (It depends on the type and ripeness of the olive). So if someone were to bring a pint of oil, how many olives and how much time would it take?

No workout today, rest.

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