Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mark 10 Divorce and children

Read Mark 10

Jesus speaks on the concept of divorce and how it's wrong. The divorce then is not the same as now. A man could put aside his wife for any reason, Apparently it was fairly common for men to put aside wives so they could take another. That unfortunately still happens today, actually on both sides men and women.
I believe there are reasons to divorce, abuse either physical or psychological I think would be grounds.

I know a couple that would fit the bill, one partner mentally abuses the other constantly and they are miserable. But notice right after Jesus speaks on divorce he addresses children. They are the ones who suffer most either way from a totally dysfunctional family or from one broken from divorce.  

Today's workout, Step, squat, windmill, lunge R, jump-rope, lunge L  36 intervals.

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