Friday, February 27, 2015

Mark 11 Is it a sin to get angry?

Read Mark 11

I hear this misrepresented so many times, people claiming that Jesus said it's a sin to be angry. That's not true, but what you do in the anger could be a sin. Jesus goes in and cleanses the temple of the vendors. Do you suppose that He was angry? I believe He was. The idea behind what they were doing was appalling to God. This temple is the house of God and the priests are leasing real estate to vendors to make a profit. God is never happy with us when we use Him for profit. So what should we do in anger?

People and events will make us angry, in this fallen world of selfish people that is unavoidable, but I can control my attitude. If in that anger if I seek to do evil against someone then that is certainly sin. I must strive to control myself until that anger subsides and seek a peaceful solution.  

Today's workout.  Step, push up, knee tuck, shoulder press, hop, hug  36 intervals.

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