Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mark 9 Help my unbelief!

Read Mark 9

Yes we're in the same chapter two days in a row. Different reasons, first it's my blog and I'll do as I please.

I write the blogs usually a week or more ahead of time, this past weekend I had a discussion with someone concerning this issue. Through the day Monday and Tuesday the topic was on my mind so I decided to add this post. I can relate to what this father feels, we all have periods of doubt. Even John the baptist had doubts but what do we do when we doubt? That's a real dilemma, being involved with church people for a while I have come to expect certain responses. Usually when one is having a time of doubt or frustration there is the crowd quick to quote scripture, or recommend some book. Doesn't help and in most cases just makes things worse. When you read the book and do the same things and it still doesn't work. And of course there are those who will say to stop feeling sorry for yourself, or having a pity party. So we become careful what we say when life is troubling. This chapter doesn't say for how long the boy was sick but I get the impression it was several years. Dad took the boy to Jesus' disciples but they couldn't help. I am willing to bet that he took his boy to priests and healers for years with no results. When you've tried the same thing multiple times it gets harder to believe. It's said that's the definition of insanity. Where do we draw the line between persistent prayer and insanity? I'm a fairly closed person, I don't put a lot of personal stuff here but I want to share this. There were 31 days in the month of January, on 28 of those days I was given some form of bad news. On one particular day things became so bad that I turned off my phone and computer for two days. As a result of this, when my phone rings or vibrates now my chest gets tight and I can't breathe for just an instant. (Pavlov's dog). I meet weekly with a group of men from Via De Cristo, they're all aware of my trouble, recognize that there is nothing any of us can do, and I appreciate that none of them has done or said the dumb religious things. So far February hasn't been as bad. I can sympathize with this dad, I imagine that he must have been crushed when the disciples couldn't heal the boy. He's seen them perform miracles but not for him. I get this too. I've read the books, prayed the prayers and made the circles. We've played by the rules, done the things we're supposed to do only to have the rules changed. At the same time witnessing others receiving their promise. With each day it gets harder to believe and that becomes the common prayer, Lord help my unbelief. Still in the midst of all the troubles, I spend my time in the mornings marveling at the stars in the sky. I may not be able to believe in my mind that today will be different but deep inside I can believe that someone hung those stars and put this big rock in just the right place, spinning at just the right speed so we can live here. And if that's true then just maybe He will move my mountain today. If you're having similar troubles, I have no great words of wisdom except that sometimes life really sucks. When it's hard to believe remember that you're not alone and pray that prayer, Lord help my unbelief!

Today's workout.  Side lunge, bicep curl, hops, bench dip, windmill, reverse grip bicep curl.  36 intervals

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