Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Matthew 27 IT IS FINISHED!

Read Matthew 27

I've watched movies and read commentary on the crucifixion. Listened to a lecture on the extent of the trauma that Jesus endured. When I read this chapter I have a vision which is repulsive, three men are hanging on crosses and the crowds are cheering. I think about times past in my own country when people would gather to watch a convict hung in the city square. While I support capital punishment, it certainly should not be a public spectacle of entertainment. As Jesus is dying on the cross, God turns off the lights, there is darkness for three hours. Finally when it is done even the earth mourns at Jesus death. That which separated man from God for ages has been reconciled, the veil is cut from top to bottom, and the earth reverberates as the destiny of man has been changed. There is nothing more that needs to be done.

Today's workout, Cardio 1, Step, grapevine, burpee, windmill, jump-rope, sandbag.
 36 intervals

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