Monday, February 9, 2015

Matthew 26 The Passover meal

Read Matthew 26

I started to write several different things for this chapter but just could not settle on a specific item.

I felt moved to do a video blog. This blog will end with an invitation to communion. If you feel that communion can only be administered by ordained clergy or that it must use special elements then this video is probably not for you. But if you believe as I do that anyone who has accepted Christ and understands what communion represents can administer it then please join me. I don't believe it's so important what bread or liquid we use today, it's the attitude of the receiver. If your heart is right with God and you have accepted Christ as your savior, then the table is open.

Today's workout. Back_2; Squat reach, chin-up, grapevine, row, jump rope, good-morning  6 moves, 36 intervals.

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