Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 21, 2 Timothy 3

It's easy to read the first part of this chapter and say we are here today, the state of lawlessness and disrespect is rampant.  But this is not the first time by far, in the early 1700's things were actually worse.  In London England it's estimated that 30 percent of the populace made a living from alcohol.  The theater (live performers, no films then) bordered on X rated at least what we would consider that today. Many had a brothel attached to satisfy the excitement after the show.  But then in around 1730 everything changed with the Great Awakening.  It can happen again, come Holy Spirit and stir the hearts of your people.

Today's workout, cardio. Step, grapevine, windmill, jump rope, climber, weight swing. 36 or 42 intervals.

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