Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 7, II Thessalonians 2

Can you imagine what it would be like in the first century, you've accepted Christ and waiting for His return.  Then you receive a letter saying that He's already come back and you missed it.  That's what appears to have happened.  What a blow to someones faith.  Of course in today's world of instant communication we can spread rumors or quash them quickly.  We also have the luxury of the entire canon of scriptures and know that when Christ does return the knowledge will be known by all believers in the same instant, without the need for social media or cell phones.  Let no-one deceive you saying He is here or there, when Christ comes if you are His you will know it.

Today's workout, cardio-core.  High knees, windmills, squats, planks, jump rope climbers. 30 or 36 intervals.

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