Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 14, Numbers 34

God in this chapter describes how the land should be divided to Israel. He sets the political and physical boundaries of what they are to inherit. There is a lot of land involved, one needs to find a good map to lay it all out. There is no indication that Israel actually held all of it but the closest they came was under David and Solomon. Today that land is still fought over by the descendants from 3000 years ago. I am having a difficult writing today as I look at the level of stupidity we've reached in the world. While so many refuse to admit it we are a world at war, religious and economic. There are people believing that some small percent of the population has bottomless wealth and they should be taxed to fund everything. There are religions that state as a fundamental core of their belief that all people should convert or be killed yet we call them peaceful. And people who are considered celebrities living in the US are blaming their own country for the troubles around the world. Politics won't solve our problems folks, we need God to move.

Pray for a global revival.

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