Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 17, James 1

It's the very first sentence of this chapter that has so much meaning yet most of us probably don't even notice it.  James writes to the 12 tribes, obviously Israel in the dispersion.  Consider what this means and what it accomplished.  Several times in their history the Jewish people were scattered into various lands, some returned and some did not.  Of those who did not return some kept the faith in God and the same forms of worship that He described.   We see in Paul's journeys through Europe and Asia that there was a Jewish influence and synagogues in the major cities.  It was always God's intent to bring the knowledge of Him to the world through the Jewish people, even from circumstances that began as hardships He still accomplishes His will.

Today's workout, back. High knees, row, windmills, pull-up, climbers, T. 36 intervals.

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