Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 10, 1 John 5

John says that Jesus is the Christ as testified by the spirit, the water, and the blood so what does all of this mean?  We need to remember that John was a Jew and the gospel was originally preached to Jews.  The Christ needed to be a priest, his office is both king and high priest which is why Jesus went to John to be baptized, all priests under the Law needed to be baptized.  At His baptism the spirit of God spoke proclaiming Jesus as His son, and the blood.  There is no atonement for sins without blood.  Jesus satisfies all of these, baptized to be a priest, proclaimed to be the Christ by the spirit of God and redeeming all who will come to Him by His blood.

Today's workout, Legs. Step-up, squat, jump rope, hamstrings, windmill, lunge. 36 intervals.

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