Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, III John 1

Again we have a single chapter book, a letter to a specific person Gaius.  The time of this letter would be similar to the last, around 60-70 AD.  A time of intense persecution of the church.  John commends Gaius for accepting missionaries and assisting them on their journeys.  A bold thing to do in a dangerous time.  We don't yet see this here in the US but all across the globe there are situations of Christian persecution and people like Gaius doing what they can to hep. Counter to that there are people like Diotrephes who oppose the work.  Say a prayer today for all of the Gaius helping the cause of Christ.

Today's workout. Back blitz week 3 day 1, 5 sets 10 reps 30-40 seconds between sets.
Pull up, T, good morning, row, clench curl.

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