Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 16, Revelation 1

Preface to the book of Revelation.

As we have reached the final book of the New Testament, and as this particular book gets a lot of attention I want to express a few things before we get started.  This blog was never intended to be an in-depth study of any part of the scriptures.  My intent is to pass on some nuggets that I have found and to encourage readers to get into the word daily.  In this final book the apostle John is given visions of things from an unknown time and place and he attempts to describe them with terms and ideas that he is familiar with.  Considering how technology, inventions and discoveries advance at varying rates, earlier translations and interpretations of this book vary greatly with today.  And I will wager that should God tarry longer future interpretations will also change. The electric light bulb has only been in general use since about 1880, television invented in around 1948, and air jet air travel post 1950.  In the past one hundred years we have industrialized much of the world and discovered so many things, yet we cannot even imagine what is yet to be discovered.  Things today that are so common place would be so difficult for a first century man to comprehend or describe. Could you imagine John with a flash light, or smart phone?  So with this in mind I will not attempt to make interpretations of many of the visions that John describes, leaving them at face value.  Some of my ideas may or may not agree with modern commentaries but this is my blog.  Still the purpose is to get you, the reader, to open the book and read it.  It is and always has been my contention that as we study God's word, the Holy Spirit will come alongside and give guidance and understanding where needed.

Two items here in this first chapter I want to look at.  John says the time is near, I believe that he thought he would see the events or at least the church to whom he wrote would see them.  That's lacking today, we've lost that sense of Jesus coming back today.  He certainly could but few of us (myself included) live daily with that expectation.  Second item is to read this book aloud. That's the only book where we are told to do so, I know that sometimes we learn differently when we speak as compared to simply reading, perhaps there is more to it.  Maybe we should adopt a practice to reading all scripture out loud and let the living word bounce off the walls of our homes.

Today's workout. Back blitz week 3 day 2, 5 sets 10 reps 30-40 seconds between sets.
Pull up, T, good morning, row, clench curl.

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