Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, Revelation 14

There has been a lot of different opinions about the mark on people's hands or foreheads.  I remember when bar code scanning first began so many said this was the mark of the beast.
A lot of people take it literally that some mark, tattoo, or brand is placed on the skin.  Today there are some that believe it's an RFID chip.  But maybe it's not an external mark at all.  There are Jewish sects that wear something called phylacteries, they are small boxes in which certain portions of Torah are kept.  They bind them to either their right hand or forehead, this is according to several Old Testament scriptures, Deuteronomy 6:7-9 is one. But I think they took it too literally, God didn't mean to actually put the scriptures physically on the person, but to have The Word constantly foremost in the mind and to have the right hand constantly doing  as He commands.  So perhaps the mark referenced here is more subtle.  It's people constantly thinking of the world system and working for that end. 

Today's workout, recovery week. Low impact no equip cardio intervals.
Step up, grapevine, windmill, climbers, jump rope, body weight squat.  36 intervals.

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