Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 29, Revelation 15

When we study the books of Moses, specifically the instructions for building the tabernacle, we see that what Moses is making is a copy of something that he was shown in Heaven.  Why God would have a separate place of worship there is unknown.  Remember how it's constructed, the outer courtyard, the holy place, and the most holy place.  In the tabernacle and temple the ark of God was kept in the most holy place, man could not enter there.  When Christ died for our sins, He made it possible for man to approach God, but still it's limited to those who accept Him.  The pagans don't get it, they don't see God as He is.  But here not only is the veil cut open but it's swung open wide so that all of mankind can see the glory of God.  

Today's workout, recovery week light resistance full body intervals. Squat, bicep curl, lunge,  row, push-up, Y, triceps press, hamstring raise. 32 intervals.

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