Friday, January 15, 2016

January 15, Deuteronomy 17

January 15, Deuteronomy 17

The last part of this chapter is like a prophecy by God.  He warns Israel that although the day may come when they want a king, and God will choose from the tribes a king, he should not gather horses, wealth or wives.  These are all of the things that Solomon did, including going to Egypt for horses.  And the last part about keeping the book of the law and always reading it.  In the book of the kings we see that the book of the law was lost for perhaps 100 years.  In that time Israel fell deep into idolatry and paganism.  It's so important for everyone, from peasant to king, to read and know God's law.

Today's workout Chest shoulders blitz, week 2 day 3.  5 sets 10 reps 40 seconds between sets. Push-up, lateral raise, dip, decline push-up. Finish with 15:00 any cardio.

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