Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21, Deuteronomy 23

January 21, Deuteronomy 23

These seem to be some strange laws but the fact that God specifies these things means they were practicing them.  The first sentence of a man whose testicles were crushed, at first we may consider this was some accident but the practice was to make a eunuch.  Eunuchs were primarily used in harems and frequently in pagan temples.  Later in the chapter God speaks of temple prostitutes.  Much of the old religions focused on sexual activity.  So a man who was made a eunuch to serve in such a place could not enter the assembly of God's people.  There aren't many places in the scripture where it mentions bowel movements but here's something very practical.  Go outside of the camp to a designated place, dig a hole and cover it up.

Today's workout, Back, High knees, pull-up, windmills or good-mornings, alternate high and low row, climbers, T. 36 intervals.

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