Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 27, Deuteronomy 29

January 27, Deuteronomy 29

Moses stands before the people to renew the covenant between Israel and God.  He lists the things that God has done for them and what benefits there are in serving God.  They've been wearing the same clothes for 40 years and still not worn out.  They've seen God move to conquer other nations.  They've daily gathered manna for breakfast. Moses says to them, you are all here today for one reason, because God has brought you here.  And then there is the counter to this, choose to follow false gods and your land will be desolate.  The description is of fields empty and no harvests but what about the schools, high school children can't write complete sentences.  There is a chronic shortage of basic tradesmen, the nation sinks deeper and deeper in debt as man tries to solve his own problems.  Turn to God and make that covenant with Him.

Today's workout. Chest - shoulder blitz day 2 week 4. 5 sets 10 reps 40 seconds between sets. Push-up, lateral raise, decline push-up, triceps press, hug or fly, shoulder press.

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