Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 1 Samuel 3:15-21

February 10, 1 Samuel 3:15-21

Yesterday I said there was just one item I wanted to look at in chapter 3 but I was wrong.  Look at Eli's reaction to what Samuel tells him from God.  He does nothing, he's just going to accept the consequences.  Perhaps he felt guilty and that he needed to be punished, maybe he just didn't want to face his sons.  We have examples where God has pronounced a judgment and the person or people repent to escape from that judgment.  Eli's nonchalant attitude is disturbing, God gave him a warning and he did nothing.  It's that prideful attitude that we all have which can get in the way.
I hope I'm never in the place where I simply don't care what God says to me.

Today's workout; full body. Pull up, Squat, Push-ups, Shoulder press, Biceps curl, Triceps press, Row, Lunge.  Do 32 or 40 intervals.

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