Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 25, 1 Samuel 9:3-10

February 25, 1 Samuel 9:3-10

Here we see a little more about Saul and the social position of his family.  There were no horses in Israel at that time and owning just a single donkey was an expense.  Saul's father had more than 1 which would indicate a certain amount of wealth.  Again we see the aspect of wealth being a worldly attraction.  Note that it's not Saul but his servant who suggests going to God, or at least to God's prophet to ask about his donkeys.  But they approach this with a certain amount of superstition, it's like going to a fortune teller.  Fortune tellers are wrong, going to God because He is God is right.

Today's workout, legs.  Step, squat, windmill, lunge r, jump rope, lunge l. 36 intervals

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