Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 1 Samuel 11:1-4

February 29, 1 Samuel 11:1-4

Jabesh-Gilead is a Jewish city, notice that the people had become so weak and lost so much faith that when the Ammonite army comes against them they immediately want to negotiate surrender. 
Hahash indicates that the only terms are to make them slaves, plucking out the right eye is certainly an act of cruelty and it makes it nearly impossible for someone to fight.  Here is one of Gods prophecies being fulfilled, since Israel had abandoned God, they no longer have His protection against their enemies.  Contrasting this attitude to that of Joshua and Caleb, men with great faith.
I like the expression, God and you are an overwhelming majority but that only works when you actually know God.  The people of Jabesh-gilead didn't know God.

Today's workout. Pull up, Squat, Shoulder press, Biceps curl, Triceps press, Push up, Row, Lunge.  Do 40 intervals.

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